Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Phil Coulson was recruited by Fury straight out of high school?

I mean, can you imagine




Coming up to you and saying, “I’m Agent Phil Coulson, with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. I need to ask you a few questions…” ????




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Please list your immediate family.

I am assuming his grandfather is Gabe Jones.

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you interrupt his me time, he interrupts your life

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the first time Phil finally forces his way into Nick’s hospital room after he loses his eye, he’s eerily calm as he sits down next to his bedside and takes his hand, squeezing it without a word.

there’s a long silence between the two of them.

"Well," Phil finally says,…

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sighs over Victoria Hand

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One last AoS thought before I go to bed: 

(Unless they pull off a miracle and haha guess what Victoria and Eric are just faking no one is actually dead)

Fuck Ward getting a redemption arc. Fuck him returning to the team. Fuck him being prioritized over the brutal murder of a queer woman. Give his redemption arc to Raina and his place on the team to Trip and forget about him.

#i love the ward i thought we had up until ep 17 #i wanted him to be okay and get back with may and please god get that boy some therapy #and i will probably write and reblog fic in which everyone pretends this never happened #ward is still on the team and victoria's alive and everything is happy #i am a-ok with this #but i am not okay with a world where in his right mind he murders victoria and eric #and contemplates killing May #and is excused for it #has some sort of heroic sacrifice and is forgiven and earns his way back #nope i am done with you grant ward #anti-ward #AoS spoilers

Phil, can you hear me?
Yeah. Yeah, I can, brother.

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Skye is clearly using Ward’s idealized view of her to play him and Raina is only sticking with Garrett because he’s giving her what she wants right now and she has already called him out on patronizing her with the “Flowers” nickname.

Skye + Raina Teamup = Destruction of all men who underestimated them because they only saw a pretty face

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dazzledfirestar replied to your post “Oh wait I forgot on the things I liked post to add Trip being a…”

I loved a lot of the Truth Chair info dump stuff. That’s a gold mine of fic detail waiting to be dug through!

Yeah it was great! I saw some really great meta on the team’s answers to the what would be in the box question. I kind of wish we had seen Coulson in it though. I’d have liked to see his answers. 

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