Ok I need the next episodes to focus on SKYE BEING AN ALIEN MAYBE?? And finding her weird angry alien dad. And Coulson’s signs being a map of what? A galaxy? A treasure map? A schematic map of how to build something? And Raina’s backstory what fairytales was she told? What is that she knows or sees that other people don’t?? What does she hope to learn from it? I’d also like more Bobbi/Every Single Lady She meets especially since Skye didn’t get in on the Mockingbird flirt action this episode. I need answers and hot ladies flirting.

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kittenskysong​ answered: OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU SAY THIS

I’m sorry! I mean if we are going to have Hunter’s manpain everywhere we should see Bobbi mourn Izzy a little. Especially since they knew each other longer than Hunter and Izzy knew each other. Also, if the writers are going to specifically mention their relationship it shouldn’t just be forgotten.

I don’t hate you I’m just overcome with feelings about this. Imagine them having a Skye/Jemma relationship where Jemma/Bobbi the sciencey one goes undercover while Skye/Isabelle stays out fighting the good fight excpet when Bobbi comes back isabelle isn’t there waiting for her…

i am definitely more invested in Bobbi’s feelings over this.

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k-b-rock replied to your post “Hunter is just so unnecessary though?? Like all he does is be…”

May’s ex omg

I know right?? They clearly knew each other with the little wink and maybe they’re friendly exes that just didn’t work out or maybe their relationship fell apart after Bahrain and is just waiting to be restarted… Either way I love it :)

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Hunter is just so unnecessary though?? Like all he does is be condescending, misogynstic, and complain about Bobbi who it turns out is clearly amazing?  We could have had Izzy, we could have had more Trip time or maybe Mike Peterson or Akela, and instead we got this dude. Also, what was the point of making him Bobbi’s ex? Like what was the purpose what did that bring to their characters? From what we’ve seen of them he doesn’t seem like the kind of man that she’d marry and it brought nothing to the story? I felt like they only did it because Bobbi was Clint’s ex in the comics and they wanted her to be somebody’s ex and since they couldn’t get Clint they made her Lance’s since he was there. It’s just like there are so many other ways they could have handled this that wouldn’t have resulted in Lance being a total scumbag about her for four episodes: a) She and Lance could have been amicable exes b) She could have been Clint’s ex and name dropped him w/o him showing up c) She could have been no one’s ex because ex is not a defining characteristic d) If they wanted to make her an ex and Clint wasn’t there she could have been Melinda’s ex (since we know Melinda was married before). All good choices that don’t involve her being referred to as a “demonic hell-beast”. The “crazy ex” stereotype is gross and it shouldn’t be applied to any woman on television especially not Bobbi

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Still not over how Skye went looking for her dad and it was Phil who showed up looking for her.

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dazzledfirestar replied to your post:Okay so after that wink how about Belinda for…

I thought you had! I’ll have to go reread it :)

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You’re having one helluva day, huh?

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#LOOK #Look at those faces #Jemma has a crush #and Bobbi is a-ok with that #and then shw winks at may?? like i am only 1 person i cannot handle this #melinda may #bobbi morse #jemma simmons #phil coulson #antoine triplett #gifs #gifset. aos spoilers
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