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It can’t just be normal surfing either; I’m positive they’ve figure out some ridiculous way to make it extra dangerous…er, fun

They don’t know the difference Phil drives a flying car for goodness sake. I bet they go surfing in terrible weather b/c the WAVES ARE GREAT

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At least they can’t take the image of Nick & Phil going surfing away from me

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maria hill (◕◡◕✿)

Yeeeeah… Can we not cheer on denying leave to someone with some pretty clear PTSD tho? I love Maria but this is not her finest moment.

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A little something that popped into my head. Angsty. The GH-325 is taking its toll on Phil and all he wants are his best friends.

Pairing: Phi/Melinda/Nick

Rating: T


The plastic and glass of Melinda’s phone shattered into a hundred tiny pieces as it collided with the wall. The burst of frustration, anger, and sorrow got the better of her causing her to toss her cell phone across the room. It took the building tension of ten numbers dialed and ten equally disconnected lines for her to finally lose her cool.

She knew Nick was trying to stay off the grid, but she needed him…now. More importantly Phil needed him.

Over the past week Phil’s mental and physical health had started deteriorating at a rapid pace. A side-effect of the GH-325 no doubt.

It was two days ago that Phil had started asking for Nick. It was around the same time that he had stop sleeping all together.

“It is too loud in my head”, that is what he told Melinda.

After taking a deep breath and composing herself, always the strong warrior, she went back into Phil’s room.

He was curled up on his bed, knees against his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs. His eyes never stayed focused on the same thing anymore, they shifted like there was constantly something else catching his eye.

“Phil”, Melinda called in a soft voice. She didn’t want to startle him.

“Mel, is Nick here yet?”

 He asked that same question about every half hour for the last two days. She wasn’t quite sure if he asked it so often because he had forgotten he asked only 30-minutes prior or because he was scared Nick wouldn’t get there in time. Although she couldn’t blame him if it was the latter, she was scared of the same thing herself.

“Not yet, but soon”, she lied.

She sat down next to him, wrapping her arm around his shoulders in a tight embrace. She didn’t feel offended that he was asking for Nick; that she didn’t seem enough for him. Melinda knew that wasn’t the case. He just needed Nick and Melinda there with him, it had always been the three of them.

He was scared, she could see it in his eyes. She knew that even if Nick couldn’t do anything to change the situation, his mere presence would give Phil some sort of comfort.

Melinda lost in thought didn’t even realize that Phil had begun to hold his head. This was a pretty clear indicator that he was getting overwhelmed.

She hated the whole situation. She felt angry and helpless because there was nothing she could do for him. And she hated seeing him like this, in so much pain.

“Melinda it hurts. Oh God…it feels like my head is going to explode!” Phil said through gritted teeth.

“Damn it Nick, where the hell are you?” Melinda whispered to herself before turning back to Phil.

“I’m here Phil, you’re safe”, she said as she rubbed his back to sooth some of the pain. She didn’t even know if it was the right thing to say. She was pretty sure there was no right thing to say in this situation.

The man she considered here best friend, her number one confidant, her love, was coming apart at the seams because of some unknown alien drug and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

Should I write more?


Don’t leave it like this!


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So I read Secret Avengers today and my response was mostly: WTF??


They do seem to be acknowledging that Phil is suffering PTSD and that he’s not just going to “get over” his panic attack so that’s a plus but I’m not sure what’s up with Maria denying him leave?? Like I am usually 100% behind Maria basically telling everyone to STFU but really he’s recovering from serious mental trauma give him a break. I’m not really sure if this is b/c she doesn’t know about the PTSD or it’s to establish he as “hard and cold” or some bullshit that I’m not on board with. It must be pretty bad if he just up and leaves like that though (also Nick and Clint worrying about him *my heart*)

I don’t like MODOK and I don’t trust him honestly this comic would be better without him. 

I’m not sure if the drones are social commentary (like Cap 2) or just to show that SHIELD is up to some shady shit but now I’m confused what does Maria want MODOK to do??

The scene with Nick and the locker gunk made me really uncomfortable maybe I’m extra sensitive to Nick being badly hurt after finding out about that gross fic but I don’t want to see Nick getting hurt anymore especially anything involving eyes. Stop hurting Nick 2k14

Was the stuff in Coulson’s locker meant for him? Or for Nick? Did Maria put it there? Did Phil put it there?? What’s going on???

I just don’t want anyone to be evil or up to something terrible (except MODOK b/c he is totally up to something) I think Maria might be playing him though? 

So I was totally wrong about Nick being injured by the Fury and I guess Maria is going to send Clint after Phil and that’s what’s happening in the standoff panel. Mainly I just really want whatever was in Coulson’s locker to NOT be something he put in there to discourage people from chasing him. I couldn’t stand it if he hurt Nick like that and it just doesn’t seem like something he’d do? ALSO NICK BETTER BE OK I WILL FORGIVE A LOT IF HE’S OK


EDIT: I’ve been in the tag and it seems like people are pretty sure it was definitely Phil who put the ~evil stuff~ in the locker so maybe I misread it?? I thought that it could be a trap meant for Phil because it’s not like he’s going to almost murder his best friend and then show back up  again in 2 weeks (the time he tells Maria) like nothing happened??

But if that is what happened that is SUPER GROSS AND ABLEIST WTF Stop portraying people with mental illness as dangerous. JUST STOP

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How do you words 

Whenever i want to describe something it is always so clunky ugh


Ming-Na Wen at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere (7/21/14)

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for real though, something’s got to be done about those kids

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I’m just thinking about what would have happened if Phil and Nick had never joined SHIELD. Maybe they were invalided out of the army after being caught in IED a few months? years? before The Fear and maybe Nick’s mom didn’t die because no one cared about Nick Fury Sr’s son Marcus Johnson the disabled veteran who worked in a record store. So they never went looking for her killers and never found SHIELD. And they would have had kids  probably 2 or 3 and Phil would work as a history professor one of the good ones who inspires critical thinking and a thirst for knowledge. They barbecue on the weekends with the neighbors and get involved in local movements and campaigns. Marcus runs for mayor and serves for two terms, his time in office influential in pushing forward equality and accessibility legislation. As they get older Phil moves from walking with a cane to using a wheelchair more and more and picks up his grandbabies and wheels them around far too fast as Marcus watches with mingled exasperation and fondness. At Christmas the kids and the in laws and the grandbabies and Phil’s sisters and niblings come and Marcus feeds them all ham and green beans and pie and Phil bakes enough cookies to feed an army. Marcus ages slowly b/c of the serum of course and maybe they figure out why and maybe they don’t but it lets them stay in their house when Phil gets frail and forgetful so they are grateful (maybe not so grateful in 20 years when he realizes he might never follow Phil but then he was able to give Phil peace so maybe he is). And I just wonder how different their lives would be.

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carol danvers in #6 commissioned by clockworkgate!


carol danvers in #6 commissioned by clockworkgate!

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